Merrianne Jessop; What you need to know about Warren Jeffs’ youngest wife?

Merrianne Jessop

Who is the 12-year-old wife of Warren Jeffs? Merrianne Jessop is well-known for being the youngest wife of the infamous cult leader and the founder of the FLDS Church, a 1930s Mormon denomination focused on polygamy. Warren was found to have gotten into a “celestial marriage” with two young girls, Merrianne Jessop among them, by the authorities.

Merrianne Jessop: who is she?

 Merrianne was born in the United States on July 3, 1994, making her 29 years old in 2023. She is a Caucasian citizen of the United States. 

Who is the mother of Merrianne Jessop? Merril Jessop is her father, and Barbara Jessop is her mother. Merril’s third and most cherished wife was her mother. The father of Merrianne passed away on February 28, 2022, leaving six spouses and around fifty-four children. When Merrianne was nine years old in 2003, her father moved the whole family to Longing for Zion Ranch in Texas. Warren Jeffs, the new leader of the church, intended to turn Merrianne into a “heavenly comfort woman.”

How is Merrianne Jessop doing? 

Merrianne went to the temple with her parents, two of her siblings, and herself on July 27, 2006. She was there, forever and ever connected to Warren Jeffs. Eleven sisters, one aunt, and three nieces of Merrianne were already married to Warren. 

Following the death of his father, Rulon T. Jeffs, in 2002, Warren became the FLDS Church’s leader. He was named principal of the FLDS school Alta Academy when he was eighteen. The young man’s prominent status enabled him to control the young women who would eventually fall prey to him. 

The Yearning for Zion Ranch (YFZ) Ranch, formerly managed by Merrianne’s father, Merril, is where the majority of his alleged atrocities took place. Warren Jeffs forced two teenage girls into marriages with older males, landing him on the FBI’s Most Wanted List in 2005. After his arrest in 2006, he was found guilty in 2011 of molesting two juveniles and was given a life sentence.

 Merrianne was one of the minors; she was twelve years old when she got married. Veda Keate, who wed Warren at the age of 14, was the other minor. Veda was a mother by the time the authorities broke into the property. Warren was identified as the child’s biological father via a DNA test.

Merrianne Jessop is now where? 

The whereabouts of all of Warren Jeffs’ marriages are unknown due to the cult’s intense secrecy. Merrianne was put in foster care after Warren’s incarceration, and then her cousin Naomi Johnson Carlisle was granted guardianship. But she is said to have gone back to the YFZ Ranch in Texas in August 2009. 


1. Merrianne Jessop: Who is she? She was the youngest wife of Warren Jeffs. 

2. When Merrianne married Warren Jeffs, what was her age? She was just twelve. July 2006 saw the couple tie the knot. 

3. Who is the father of Merrianne? Merril Jessop, a former YFZ Ranch supervisor, was his father. 

4. What was the number of marriages of Warren Jeffs? He was imprisoned before he had 78 wives. 

5. Which woman was Warren Jeffs’ favorite? Merrianne’s elder sister, Naomie Jessop, was his most popular wife. 

6. How old is Merrianne Jessop? As of 2023, she is 29 years old. Her birthday is July 3, 1994.

7. Who became the youngest wife of Warren Jeffs? Her aunt gave Merrianne guardianship upon his incarceration, although she subsequently went back to the YFZ Ranch in Texas.


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